Rubber And Its Usage

Rubber had long been in historical plantince Columbus had discovered America in 1495. Red Indians the ancient tribe of South of America, called it ' Caoutchoue '. Meaning is ' Crying Tree '. The reason is that when it is cut off with knife or sharpen tools, its natural latex automatically comes out as a tear of tree which is collected and processed for any rubber products in the world today.

The major commercial source of the latex used to create rubber is the Para rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis (Euphorbiaceae). This is largely because it responds to wounding by producing more latex. Rubber is an important plant not only for world economic strategies but also for the use of living of humankind. Natural latex is one of important raw material available for making various kinds of products in heavy industries such as motor and vehicle industry, kitchenware and house ware.

Today Asia is the main source of natural rubber which are still produced annually, and is still essential for some industries, including automotive and military. In addition to this, Natural Rubber now finds extensive use in soil stabilization, in vibration absorption and in road making. A variety of Natural Rubber based engineering products are developed for use in these fields.

Thailand is the largest producer of Rubber in the world followed by Indonesia, Malaysia and India ranks as the fourth largest producer in the world today with Kerala being the largest producer of rubber in India.