Plantation Concept

Thousands of Non resident Indians who stay outside the home country desire to get associated with agriculture which is also a Tax free investment on there retirement. Unfortunately they are unable to get it done due to lack of time, management and direct presence as well the technical know how. In this light West Coast Land Developers have already developed hundreds of acres of virgin land into rubber plantations and sold to Nonresident Indians worldwide. The Management team with more than 30 years of experience deals right from land selection, Soil testing, Planting, full maintenance, legal registration, yearly taxes until the yield process and beyond.

Customers can buy a minimum 1 Acre of land from any desired projects which is already planted land and can get it directly registered in their name which is fully managed until the yield process with a separate management agreement. The company also handles the yield process with a normal management fee.

Customers can opt for options without Management Or select value additions like Guaranteed Buy Back options too .