1 Why has the land been selected in northern kerala ?
We had selected the projects quite meticulously taking into the availability of Land on large holdings and the pricing of land. ( An acre of Land in the Rubber belt any other places except Northern kerala is not available for anything less than 50 lacs per acre which do not make the project financially viable in terms of ROI. Cheaper and adequate availability of labor as well as proven track records has made us select land in this area.
2Do all investors have direct access to there property ?
YES. Every customer has at least one direct access to there property by motor able road.
3 Is there any restrictions for selling my land to anyone ?
There is no restrictions in selling your land to anyone at anytime except for you have to cancel the maintenance agreement without any charges or the new buyer can even sign anew contract with us if interested.
4 Are my boundaries clearly ear marked ?
YES. All Investors have there boundaries clearly ear marked with corner stones.
5 What costs are included in the west coast "plantation concept "?
The cost includes the Price of the Land, Registration charges, Mutation fees ( Pokku Varavu ), taxes until the sixth year age of the Rubber plants , planting and full maintenance charges, security charges, maintenance agreement charges and all legal fees till the sixth year of the plant .
6What are my other recurring fees ?
There is no recurring fees until the sixth year until which the management contract expires.
7What is the current status of land and project development ?
All lands in our projects mentioned are already registered in the name of the management team and are already planted with various age group from 2 years plant till 7 year plants ( project wise )
8Is the company ready to continue the maintenance contract after 6 years ?
Yes . The company is ready to continue the maintenance contract even during the yielding time with a separate contract with 10 % management fees of the total yield from the produces.
9Why do you recommend agriculture as an investment option ?
All returns from Investments like fixed deposits, Shares ,Rental from buildings are taxable, however as on date all income from Agriculture are 100 %TAX FREE which may be a value addition today or even after your retirement.
10What is the west coast " Buyback option " ?
The company assures a guaranteed buy back price on selected projects with a 100 % appreciation at the end of the fifth year which has to be informed at the time of purchase.